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Duncan Studio just completed animation work for Faze Clan.

Duncan Studio is thriving with many high profile projects in its slate. 


Ken duncan's work

With a career spanning 30 years, Ken Duncan is one of the most versatile and highly regarded character animators working in the industry today. His understanding of character and performance, coupled with an extensive knowledge of art, history and design, imbue both his CGI and traditional 2D hand-drawn work with a uniquely recognizable sense of realism, humanity, and style.

Ken Duncan formed Duncan Studio  in 2007, providing animation to top studios, producers and directors.


about duncan studio

In 2007, Ken founded DUNCAN STUDIO to offer the tradition of quality character animation, encompassing story development, design, animation, and all aspects of production,
whether it is a CG or 2D project. 


Duncan Studio was formed in 2007 and began creating animation for top studios, including: Disney and Illumination.


Since then, Duncan Studio has created top level animated content and completed work for such high profile projects as Kung Fu Panda and Despicable Me.


With Animated Content being the most lucrative , Duncan Studio  is well positioned to create all kinds of animated projects going forward, meeting the demands of top studios, producers, directors and writers.

Since its inception, Duncan Studio has produced a vibrant slate of animation content.



The Duncan Studio core team has a strategic mix of skills, knowledge and experience in the animation field. All are production ready and understand the rare art of producing animated shorts, commercials, episodic's, features and full length motion pictures.


Ken Duncan
President & Chief Creative Officer

Chris_Sauve-Creative Director.jpg

Chris Sauve
Supervising Animator

Jason_Stovall-CG Supervisor.jpg

Jason Stovall
CG Supervisor


Rob Hollocks
Finance & Development

Juliet_Duncan-Co-Owner-Creative Lead.jpg

Juliet Duncan
Co-Owner / Creative Lead


April Lawrence


Greig Hutchinson
Production Accounting


Shawn Eddie

Mark_Handler-Technical Supervisor.jpg

Mark Handler
Technical Supervisor

With animated shows and movies being the most profitable of all categories, Duncan Studio is well positioned for the future ahead.



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